Aug 5, 2019 - Lying Fishermen Vintage Wooden Plaque Tourist Souvenir Portland Maine Pine Slab I ask a simple question The truth I only wish Are all fishermen liars Or do only liars fish? This lovely vintage 1960s cedar plaque from Portland, Maine measures 9" x 4" and features a sweet pine cone and needle decal. This piece has been…
5 Norfolk Island Pine Facts Norfolk Island pines are delightful living Christmas trees that are sure to add a big dose of holiday cheer to your home or office. They last longer than poinsettias, and in fact, can keep growing beautifully for years.
Austricia pine cones are wonderful for crafting. Use these pine cones for wreaths, swags, garlands, ornaments, topiaries and by the bowl full for centerpieces and place card holders. Our biggest pine cone, the Sugar Pine cone, varies in length from 11 to 18 inches tall. These cones make a dramatic statement wherever they are placed.
Foodplants are pines, especially loblolly and longleaf pine in the south, pitch pine further north. Larva bright yellow-green, with cream stripes on the back, and above and below the spiracles. No horn. Often has dark red blotches on back, around spiracles and above prolegs. Reddish brown face with yellow edging. Description/ Field Marks: