Apr 19, 2015 · 1.71256 moles of O2 would react completely with 1.71256 x (1/3) = 0.57085 moles of C2H5OH, but there is more C2H5OH present than that, so C2H5OH is in excess and O2 is the limiting reagent. (1.71256 mol O2) x (2 mol CO2 / 3 mol O2) x (44.00964 g CO2/mol) = 50.2 g CO2 in theory
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18. A member of the Board of Directors of a company who is not an employee of the company is called a—- . • consultant • inside director • non-executive director • corporate officer. 19. 'Span of Control' relates to the ———— .
Mar 16, 2019 · The theoretical yield of products in a chemical reaction can be predicted from the stoichiometric ratios of the reactants and products of the reaction. These ratios can also be used to determine which reactant will be the first reactant to be consumed by the reaction. This reactant is known as the limiting reagent.